T5/74 Wedge LED Bulbs

What is the difference between the three options below? First, our Can-bus option is for vehicles that give you a “bulb out” error message in your dash when a bulb is out. Commonly found on vehicles like Audi, BMW, Mercedes, etc. These bulbs have resistors built-in to trick the on-board computers into thinking there is a halogen bulb in place when you are converting to LED. If you do not have a car that gives an error on the dash, you can choose between our directional T5 bulbs and our 3-SMD top and side emitting bulbs. If you need light to go out the sides as well as the top, choose our 3 SMD bulbs, if you are looking for a bright directional light, choose our 1 SMD style bulb.

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  • LumaWerx™ T5 14K Gold SMD LED Bulb – CAN-Bus

    SKU: LWT514K $4.95 Select options
  • T5 74 SMD LED Bulb – CAN-Bus

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  • LumaWerx™ T5/74 LED Bulb – 1 SMD

    SKU: LWT51SMD $2.95 Select options