Motorcycle HID Kits

Do you have a motorcycle and do not want to waste your money buying a complete HID conversion kit for a vehicle because you only have one bulb or have separate bulbs for high and low beam? We have put together kits for motorcycles specifically. Harnesses designed for motorcycles and include one ballast and one bulb as well as everything you need to convert your motorcycle, dirt bike or off-road vehicle to xenon headlamps.

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  • Motorcycle H4/9003: Morimoto XB Bi-Xenon HID Bulb

    SKU: MOTOXBH4 $30.00 Select options
  • Morimoto Motorcycle H4 Dual Headlight Elite System

    SKU: 800901 From: $160.00 Select options
  • Morimoto Motorcycle Separate High/Low Elite System

    SKU: 800902 From: $150.00 Select options
  • Morimoto Motorcycle H4 Single Headlight Elite System

    SKU: 800900 From: $87.50 Select options
  • H4/9003 HYLUX Motorcycle Xenon HID Kit

    SKU: 440100 From: $94.85 Select options
  • HYLUX H6 Xenon HID Kit

    SKU: 245622 From: $79.95 Select options