Bi-Xenon (Hi/Lo) HID Kits

At HID Kit Pros, we only sell true “bi-xenon” or “hi/lo” HID (high intensity discharge) kits. By “true” we mean you get an electromagnetic telescoping bulb which produces HID light on low beam and also high beam. These kits are made to replace bulbs in vehicles that have two filaments in them. Please note: these do not work on vehicles that have a separate bulb for high beam and low beam.

Not sure which bulb your vehicle uses? Click on the Sylvania icon below to get started.

Sylvania Bulb Guide

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  • Mopar Bi-Xenon: Morimoto Elite HID System

    SKU: C528889 From: $180.00 Select options
  • HYLUX Bi-Xenon Quick Start HID Kit

    SKU: 189789 From: $129.95 Select options
  • Morimoto Elite Bi-Xenon (Hi/Lo) HID System

    SKU: 528888 From: $189.95 $179.95 Select options