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Below we offer a wide variety of power supplies to suit your lighting needs. We offer power inverters which allow you to use your household power and covert it to 12v to power things like LED strips and reels. We also carry popular accessories like dimming switches, male and female connectors and more.

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  • LED Strip Barrel Pigtail | Male / Female

    SKU: 774623 $1.95 Select options
  • LED Strip Lighting Barrel Adapter

    SKU: 774622 $1.95 Select options
  • 110/220V AC to 12V DC Waterproof Power Supply

    SKU: 548639 $29.95 Select options
  • ATO and ATC Waterproof GM Style Blade Fuse Holder

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  • 120V AC to 12V DC Power Supply

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  • 110/220V AC to 12V DC Enclosed Power Supply

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