Dual Row LED Light Bars

Each one of our LED light bars features polycarbonate lens from Bayer, Germany which is the toughest and strongest lens in the LED industry; also provides protection against scratches, ultraviolet rays and aging. Every bar we sell contains at least 20 ounces of aluminum substrate which provides for better heat dissipation compared to other brands of light bars. As with any electronic component, the cooler it runs, the longer it will last. Click on any item below to learn more about why our products stand out from the rest.

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  • TOTRON 6″ DC Series LED Light Bar – TLB3036

    SKU: TLB3036 $119.95 Select options
  • TOTRON 12″ DC Series LED Light Bar – TLB3072

    SKU: TLB3072 $159.95 Select options
  • TOTRON 20″ DC Series LED Light Bar – TLB3120

    SKU: TLB3120 $199.95 Select options
  • TOTRON 30″ DC Series LED Light Bar – TLB3180

    SKU: TLB3180 From: $279.95 Select options
  • TOTRON 40″ DC Series LED Light Bar – TLB3240

    SKU: TLB3240 $299.95 Select options
  • TOTRON 50″ DC Series LED Light Bar – TLB3288

    SKU: TLB3288 $319.95 Select options
  • Rigid E-Series Pro LED Light Bar

    SKU: RIGEPRO $259.95 Select options
  • Rigid Adapt Series LED Light Bar

    SKU: RIGADAPT $819.95 Select options