Misc. Bulbs

Because these bulbs are either one of a kind or not a widely used bulb type, they landed in the miscellaneous category.

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Sylvania Bulb Guide

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  • LumaWerx™ H6 BA20D CREE ATV LED Bulb – LW80 CREE

    SKU: H6LW80 $39.95 Select options
  • LumaWerx™ H6M P15D CREE ATV LED Bulb

    SKU: LW20P15D $29.95 Select options
  • LumaWerx™ PWY24W High Power LED Bulb – LW30 CREE

    SKU: PWY24WLW30 $29.95 Select options
  • LumaWerx™ PH24WY High Power CREE LED Bulb – LW30

    SKU: PH24WYLW30 $29.95 Select options
  • LumaWerx™ 4114K GM High Power LED Running Light Bulb – LW30 CREE

    SKU: 4114KLW30 $39.95 Select options
  • LumaWerx™ 4114K GM LED Daytime Running Light Bulb – SMD

    SKU: 401104 $29.95 Select options