Single & Multi-Color

We offer the largest selection of high power LED strip lights, also known as “LED tape”, in a variety of single and multi colors (RGB), lengths and intensities. We offer 12V weatherproof strips strips for indoor and outdoor lighting applications. Common applications for LED strip lights include LED under-cabinet lighting, under-shelf lighting, cove lighting, stair lighting, bar lights, sign lighting, display lighting, LED strips for cars, deck lighting, landscape lighting, and marine lights.


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  • HKP™ Bluetooth RGB Color Changing LED Strip Light Kit

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  • Diode Dynamics HD LED Switchback Semi-Flex Strip

    SKU: DDSEMIFLEX $39.95 Select options
  • Diode Dynamics HD LED Switchback Strip Triple

    SKU: DDTRPL $64.95 Select options
  • Profile Pivot Amber/White Universal LED Strips

    SKU: PIVOTSTRIP $40.00 Select options
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    HKP™ 12″ Flexible 5050 SMD LED Strip Light

    SKU: 707810 $9.95 $4.95 Select options
  • 5M LED Waterproof Strip Reel (16.4 ft.)

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  • LumaWerx™ Waterproof Aluminum Universal LED Strip Light

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  • VLEDS LPR LED License Plate Back Up Reverse Light System

    SKU: LPR_72_W $100.00 Select options