LED Headlights

Low energy consumption compared to the automotive standard halogen bulb which can be up to 110W, the total power draw is much lower with LED, while the light output is much greater. Compared to HID, LED has lower power consumption and an instant on off; a perfect solution to a brighter high beam. Many companies have attempted production of the LED headlights and fog lights without success, but 2 years later, we have successfully developed and tested our patented design and are offering it to you at a price others cannot compete at. Select between single beam and our high low options depending on what your vehicles factory headlight uses. One bulb with 2 filaments in the stock bulb will use our hi/low kit or vehicles that have a separate bulb for your low and high beams from the factory will use our single beam kit. For vehicles with a sealed beam headlight, select our sealed beam conversion systems.