LumaWerx™ 4114K GM LED Daytime Running Light Bulb – SMD



Product Description

Ease – The LumaWerx™ 4114K LED Daytime Running Light Bulb features a total of 18 of the brightest 5050 high power SMD chips, these bulbs are a must for your GM car, truck or SUV.  Offered in a variety of colors so you can choose just what is best suited for your application.


Impressive – These bulbs are specially designed for use in GM vehicles to work properly with their voltage spikes which occur in the daytime running lights/driving lights and cause normal LED’s to burn out. With over 100,000 bulbs sold since release in 2015, you are sure to improve the look of your rig with the LumaWerx™ SMD style LED bulbs. The LED chips are rated to last over 50,000 hours and have zero issues with voltage spike, guaranteed.


Color – Bulbs are offered in various shades of white as well as colors. A pure white can be identified as white without any color, no yellows or blue hue to it, similar to a 5000k HID kit. A cool white has a hint of blue, similar to a 6000k HID kit, mainly white with a slight hue of blue.  A warm white is classified more in the 4300k range giving you the most amount of light output with a white/yellow mix.


Installation – We’ve made it easy with our plug-and-play design; do not hassle with diodes, resistors and capacitors to make standard LED’s work when you can have our bulbs which feature all necessary components, built-in. No conversion required, simply remove the old bulb and plug in the new LED and you’re done!


Trusted – For over a decade, HID Kit Pros in Issaquah, Washington has been providing customers with the best quality automotive lighting and accessories while backing it up with unbeatable customer service. Every employee at HKP has been trained on our wide selection of products to help suit each and every customers needs. Local? Stop by our showroom and installation center, test out our products in person with our state of the art testing equipment. Have a question? Contact us.


Warranty: 2 Years

Life Expectancy: 50,000+ Hours

Lumens (per bulb): 195

Draw (amperage): 0.13A

Input Voltage: 12 – 15V

Wattage (consumption): 2.50W @ 12V

Dimensions: 1.94 x 0.84 x 0.84 in.

Replaces: 3157, 3057, 3357, 3457, 4157, 4114K, 4114LL, 4114, 4114LL/BP2

Note: 4114 can be used in a 3157 socket but 3157 bulbs CANNOT be used in a 4114 socket.

Sold: Individually

Additional Information

Weight 0.10 lbs
Shipping Dimensions 3 x 2 x .50 in
LED Color

Amber, Pure White, Warm White, Pink, Cool White, Blue, Red, Green, Purple


Ships Same Day


2 Years





LED Bulb Type


LED Chip



Daytime Running Light

Color Options


  1. :

    Finally! A company that carrys a 4114 bulb. I've had these in my Hummer fog light area for 4 years now and zero problems. Went through about a dozen LED bulbs from other companies only lasting a month or two. These fit snug and are bright!

  2. :

    I have been looking everywhere for these, just arrived and couldn't be happier....

  3. :

    Bought these for my Silverado aftrer going through many cheap Amazon bulbs. Did not know anyone made a true 4114 bulb, they were a snug/tight fit at first but this was due to the corroded socket these trucks tend to have. Zero complaints, will upgrade to the CREE version for more output down the road.

  4. :

    Got a set of these, shipped about an hour after I placed my order, thanks! Got them and they would not fit no matter what I tried, did some research and turns out these sockets warp really easy. Called and spoke with Pete at HID Kit Pros and he was very helpful in walking me through how to make these fit with the crummy sockets that came on our Silverado trucks. Been using them almost a year now and love them. thank you hid pros!

  5. :

    Installed in my silverado and could not believe the diffference between stock and led. I ended up replacing my sockets because they were all burnt from the halogen bulb and these fit perfectly and look increidble. wish I would have known there was a true 4114 before wasting all my money on knock offs.

  6. :

    easy install, pricey little bulbs but worth it since they seem to be the only brand that lasts. bought a few diff colors to switch them out.

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