7″ Round Sealed Beam Headlight HYLUX HID Conversion Kit

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Save money by purchasing the complete conversion set up for your car or truck with an HID kit included! Also, see our newly added LED Sealed Beam Headlights.


Fitment – The VisionX 7″ Round 6024 replacement housings (PAR56, H6014, H6015, H6024) use an H4 base halogen bulb which allow you to choose between single beam and bi-xenon HID bulb upgrades and are made out of the best quality materials to ensure your upgrade is an upgrade that will last. Click on the “Sylvania Bulb Guide” button below to select your vehicles year make and model to determine which size housings you need.


Components – HYLUX is known for being the top of the line OEM quality in the aftermarket HID industry and remains that way today. They began by working with Philips as an authorized manufacturer of their bulbs and now create the greatest xenon products money can buy. They have created a ballast that does it all; quick start up time, eliminates flickering and radio interference to name a few. Many companies have tried to compete with the quality and technology put into these ballasts. Guaranteed genuine HYLUX brand.


Options – Many options can sometimes be confusing but we want to make sure you get the right products for the right application. Single beam bulbs are used when either you do not need/want to have a high beam OR you’re using a 4 headlamp system that has a separate single high beam (does not change between high and low). Bi-Xenon or hi/lo is used in applications that have switching brightness from low to high beam.


Wattage – A 35 watt HID system is what you will find standard on many high end vehicles like BMW, Audi, etc. For longevity and true kelvin ratings, we recommend sticking with a 35W system as they have the longest warranty and are have the longest rated lifespan. If you do a lot of night driving, the upgrade to a 50 watt system is an option, as a general guideline, the following applies for all 50 watt kits: 20% increase in light output, 20% decrease in lifespan (as they burn hotter than 35W) and -1000k in (K) kelvin (color).


Quality – The key component of all HID ballast is the “controller” which controls all functions from the initial ignition to continually ensuring the xenon gas inside the bulb stays ignited. The quality of every ballast starts with the controller inside. With the OEM-grade external 23kV igniter, which is also fully waterproof, this ballast will strike the bulb perfectly, every single time. It will function in even the coldest of environments, with a rated minimum operating temperature of -40 degrees.


Ballasts – Our HYLUX ballasts are 100% waterproof and fully sealed in electrically-safe sealant which is also known as “potting”. Many electronic ballasts are simply coated with a protection sealant, not HYLUX. HYLUX ballasts are fully sealed to the top allowing for a waterproof and shockproof digital HID ballast. Installation of all components are a direct bolt-on replacement for the stock headlamp assemblies; requires no modification for most vehicles.


Trusted – For over a decade, HID Kit Pros in Issaquah, Washington has been providing customers with the best quality automotive lighting and accessories while backing it up with unbeatable customer service. Every employee at HKP has been trained on our wide selection of products to help suit each and every customers needs. Local? Stop by our showroom and installation center, test out our products in person with our state of the art testing equipment. Have a question? Contact us.


Rated Lifespan: 2,500 hours

Ballast Input: DC 9 – 32V

Ballast Draw: < 4.5A @ 12V DC

Lumens (per bulb):

  • 3000k – Golden Yellow: ~ 2,800
  • 4300k – Warm White: ~ 3,500
  • 5000k – Pure White: ~ 3,400
  • 6000k – Cool White: ~ 3,200
  • 8000k – Iceberg Blue: ~ 2,800

Single Beam Kit Includes:

  • Housings: 2x 7″ Vision X Round Housings
  • Bulbs: 2x Single Beam Xenon Bulbs
  • Ballasts: 2x AC Digital HYLUX Ballasts 35W or 50W
  • Installation Guide: Found here
  • Misc.: Necessary Wiring

Bi-Xenon Kit Includes:

Sylvania Bulb Guide

Additional Information

Weight 0.01 lbs
Shipping Dimensions 17 x 11 x 11 in
HID Color

3000k, 4300k, 5000k, 6000k, 8000k


7″ Round


Ships Same Day




High Beam, Low Beam

Color Options


  • 3000K is the lowest kelvin temperature offered, and has a golden yellow output, which is great for use in fog lights and high beams for a unique look.

  • 4300K is a white/yellow output, and is used in most factory HID applications. It will not have any blue tint, just a natural white color.

  • 5000K is a pure white output with no yellow or blue. It will not have any blue tint, just a natural white color.

  • 6000K is one of the most popular colors, which produces an ice white color. It has a very slight hint of blue, and matches most LED bulbs.

  • 8000K is the highest temperature offered, which produces an ice blue color.

    Aside from the colors listed above, we offer higher kelvin ratings which we do not recommend for use as headlights due to their lower output in light and decreased visibility. The higher the kelvin rating of a bulb, the more vivid color you will receive but decreases the amount of lumens. The lower the kelvin rating of the bulb, the greater amount of lumens (light output) it will produce.



    1. :

      Upgraded from the 35w version (a2088) in my 4runner to see how much brighter my headlights could be and wow what a difference. I have been told 50w really doesnt last as long (bulbs are cheap enough to replace if any issues) but what an improvement. bigger than the 35w but i assume thats because more power?

    2. :

      Replaced my XB35 ballasts from morimoto with hylux after reading all the poor reviews about morimoto recently, best decision i have made. always turn on, even in neg. temps in Alaska. no annoying loud buzzing. quality ballasts, much happier with these.

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